It’s a wild thing…

So let me introduce what this website is about and why it’s here…
The work here is a ‘Soundscape sketchbook’. I am aware I can make improvements in every case, with each soundscape I learn something new and my ideas are racing ahead whilst my skillset tries to catch up! I hope you enjoy the samples and visit again, as I will be adding work as it evolves over the coming year.

I believe soundscapes (the combination of sound and image) do make my work more inclusive and accessible, however I do not always want to interpret this so literally. I intentionally include moments in some soundscapes providing opportunities for an audience to use their own imagination to visualise and interpret sounds presented. Permission is readily granted to escape, creating your own journey perhaps, simply through listening to the ‘sounds behind the photographs‘ create your own interpretations…

From Spring 2020 my freelance photography was postponed or cancelled because of Covid, work dried up. Thankfully, the Arts Council of Wales Lottery fund threw a life line and an opportunity. They supported an application to buy some audio recording equipment to compliment my future photographic projects creating options for sound. In the short term, this grant also contributed to a basic living wage for the period without work and importantly, time to learn. Time for using the equipment, craft my fieldwork and to learn new software to edit sound files, compile the sample soundscapes and create a web site to share a sample of this work here.
Feel free to send me some feedback. Best wishes, Graham.

Published by grahamhembrough

I am a freelance Photographer and Photographic tutor, who during the Covid crisis of 2020 - 2021 invested time in developing skills in sound recording to extend my professional practise and support future project work. Combining photography with soundscapes I hope will provide greater access to all and provide an added appreciation for the project work I am engaged in, be that personal or commissioned. My thanks to the Arts Council of Wales Lottery fund for financially supporting this transition. I work on photographic projects for the public sector (Museum and Galleries), social documentary, portraiture and occasional commercial undertakings. I am an elected member of the RCA (Royal Cambrian Academy) and recently retired from lecturing at Bangor University and Llandrillo College to concentrate on my freelance work.

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