Mostyn Gallery Residency

In Autumn 2022 I was approached by Mostyn to work with Sheffield based social architecture practice, ‘Studio Polpo’. The brief was to explore ‘How can Mostyn create a space where our communities can feel at home?’ My part in this was to engage and record a range of voices in Llandudno responding to this theme.
Studio Polpo explored ideas for developing the Mostyn ‘Project Space’ into a creative resource for neighbouring communities and a site for future artistic collaborations, and an alternative space to critically engage with contemporary art and connect Mostyn to its social surroundings.
I invited Carl ‘Osaki’ Richardson, an amazingly talented Sound engineer based in Conwy to join me on this venture…

A Summer of Exhibitions and Workshops!

It’s been great hearing the enthusiastic and positive feedback received in relation to my recent / current exhibitions!

The Royal Cambrian Academy showcased the latest project commission, ‘RCA Artists & Makers of Conwy’ my photography was accompanied by examples of work by each artist I photographed.

My exhibition then went onto Conwy Culture Centre (currently being shown) whilst the RCA Summer exhibition premiered the 12 Soundscapes I produced featuring each artist / maker in this project. (These Soundscapes are available on the project page of this website now too). I organised a number of workshops which I delivered in Llanwrst, ColwynBay and Conwy relating to documentary photography and its place in community which proved popular. These were free, being funded through Conwy County Council and Arts Council Wales whose support I gratefully acknowledge.

Storiel Gallery and Museum, Bangor has also included other Soundscapes and images of my work through their Summer exhibition celebrating the ‘Fine Art Programme at Bangor University (1998-2022)’. Artwork by 25 tutors (whom I was one), who have taught at all levels including BA and MA gathered together for this celebratory farewell exhibition.

Finally, my recent project ‘People of Conwy’ is currently showing at the Glasdir Library and Conference Centre in Llanwrst.

Axis Arts Selection

Its great to have further recognition of the work I show through this website and in developing the Soundscapes I started during the Covid Pandemic and Lockdowns of 2020-21. In Axis Arts ‘ #Five2Watch’ this week they have selected five artists who’ve made work with field recordings: Graham Hembrough, Alison Craig, Brighid Black, Caro Williams and Robert Foster-Jones.

You can see this by following the link here


Mae casgliad o bortreadau stiwdio gan y ffotograffydd o Gonwy, Graham Hembrough, yn annog ymwelwyr i wneud cysylltiad a meithrin dealltwriaeth well rhwng y gwaith celf a welir mewn arddangosfeydd a’r crëwr, gan ‘roi wyneb a lle i enw’r artist’.
Gwahoddwyd aelodau o’r Academi sy’n byw yn Sir Conwy i gymryd rhan yn y prosiect ac rydym ni’n ddiolchgar iawn iddyn nhw am eu cydweithrediad.

Comisiynwyd ‘Artistiaid a Gwneuthurwyr Conwy’ gan Wasanaeth Diwylliant Conwy, Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy mewn partneriaeth â’r Academi gyda grant gan Gyngor Celfyddydau Cymru.

Meddai Graham Hembrough am y gwaith, “Roeddwn i’n ymwybodol bod ymweld â gweithfannau artistiaid (a thynnu lluniau ohonyn nhw) yn gallu cael ei ystyried fel tarfu ar ofod preifat personol. Yn y fan hyn mae artistiaid yn mynegi eu hunain yn greadigol, gyda gwaith ar y gweill nad ydi’r cyhoedd i fod i’w weld gan ei fod yn broses sy’n esblygu ac yn datblygu i greu gwaith sydd, yn y diwedd, yn briodol ac wedi’i ddatrys i’w rannu a’i weld gan eraill. I rai, mae’r gofod yma yn ddihangfa neu’n hafan sy’n gwrthod ymyrraeth o’r tu allan”.

Mae’r arddangosfa ar agor o 9 Ebrill tan 21 Mai 2022 yn yr Academi Frenhinol Gymreig cyn mynd ar daith i Ganolfan Ddiwylliant Conwy o fis Mehefin tan fis Medi 2022. Bydd yn cyd-fynd â rhaglen o weithdai dan arweiniad rhai o’r artistiaid sy’n rhan o’r prosiect.


A collection of Studio portraits by Conwy Photographer Graham Hembrough encourages visitors to make a connection and foster a greater understanding between the artwork seen in exhibitions and the creator, thereby ‘putting a face to the name’.

All current members of the RCA living in the County of Conwy were invited to participate in the project and we are very grateful to them for their co-operation.

‘Artists & Makers of Conwy’ was commissioned by Conwy Culture Service, Conwy County Borough Council in partnership with the RCA and made possible with a grant from the Arts Council of Wales.

Graham Hembrough speaks of the work, “I was mindful that visiting artists’ workspaces (and especially photographing them) could be seen as intruding on what many see as a personal, private space. It is here that artists express themselves creatively, involving work in progress, not intended for public viewing as it is an evolving process that unfolds to create work finally deemed appropriate and resolved for sharing and viewing. For some, the space is perceived as an escape or sanctuary that denies outside intrusion.”

The exhibition can be seen from 9th April – 21st May 2022 at the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art, and will then tour to the Conwy Culture Centre from June until September 2022. It will coincide with a workshop programme led by some of the featured artists.

It’s a wild thing…

So let me introduce what this website is about and why it’s here…
The work here is a ‘Soundscape sketchbook’. I am aware I can make improvements in every case, with each soundscape I learn something new and my ideas are racing ahead whilst my skillset tries to catch up! I hope you enjoy the samples and visit again, as I will be adding work as it evolves over the coming year.

I believe soundscapes (the combination of sound and image) do make my work more inclusive and accessible, however I do not always want to interpret this so literally. I intentionally include moments in some soundscapes providing opportunities for an audience to use their own imagination to visualise and interpret sounds presented. Permission is readily granted to escape, creating your own journey perhaps, simply through listening to the ‘sounds behind the photographs‘ create your own interpretations…

From Spring 2020 my freelance photography was postponed or cancelled because of Covid, work dried up. Thankfully, the Arts Council of Wales Lottery fund threw a life line and an opportunity. They supported an application to buy some audio recording equipment to compliment my future photographic projects creating options for sound. In the short term, this grant also contributed to a basic living wage for the period without work and importantly, time to learn. Time for using the equipment, craft my fieldwork and to learn new software to edit sound files, compile the sample soundscapes and create a web site to share a sample of this work here.
Feel free to send me some feedback. Best wishes, Graham.